Smile Design

According to research, usually the first place people see when you meet is your smile. With an incompatible smile, the eyes focus on the person’s teeth. With a harmonious smile, your brain registers that the person has a pleasant smile and directs his attention to the eyes. Nothing can express personality, energy and confidence as much as a healthy and bright smile.

If you say yes to one or more of the following questions, you will also need gingival aesthetics.

Do you avoid smiling when your photo is taken?

Does something about your smile bother your?

When you smile, do you think your gums are too prominent?

Do you think the treatments applied to your teeth are not compatible?

Would you like to have whiter teeth?

Are there any irregularities in your teeth?

Are there gaps between your teeth?

Even the most beautiful teeth cannot look attractive unless they are framed by healthy gums. Non-aesthetic gums can be corrected by small procedures and treatments on the gums.

Unhealthy gums: The gums appear red, swollen and shiny due to periodontal diseases. They should be treated before aesthetic dentistry.

Gingival recession: As a result of gingival recession, some teeth may appear too long, resulting in the manifestation of root surfaces. In this case, the gums can be treated by covering these gaps with soft tissue grafts.

Irregular gingival edges: Some gums may be too high or too low at the top of the tooth. Gum structure should be idealized before aesthetic procedures.

Stains on the gums: Black – brown stains on the gums are related to the pigments in the body and do not harm health. However, non-aesthetic points can be surgically removed.

This procedure performed by dermatologists can be applied in these areas of the mouth. The skin in the mouth also consists of layers. These layers are thinned and peeled slowly by laser; stained skin on the top can be removed to get a more aesthetic appearance.

High or low lip lines can cause aesthetic problems. The doctor designs the smile by performing a full lip analysis before treatment. The support of the teeth to the lips and the position of the incisors is one of the most important factors in designing a smile. The lip-tooth relationship is very important in the smiling position. Lip edges looking up or down can change the expression completely.

In addition to dental and intraoral applications, in some cases we may need support from dermatology or plastic surgery to integrate the aesthetic image into the face.

If the teeth do not appear too much or look aesthetic during a smile, a healthy smile can be achieved with crown lengthening treatment. During the process, the front teeth are extended with the help of filling materials in accordance with the smile design.